My Top 5 Tips On How To STILL Achieve Your Goals During COVID

Throw back to this past January 23, 2020...

My 32nd birthday. Pre-COVID (ish). 

Completely naive to the fact that anything like COVID could ever actually happen. I mean, it's something straight out of a sci-fi movie... Am I right?

It's interesting looking at pictures from the beginning of the year... I'm just like "hey girl, you don't EVEN know yet!"

And, I really didn't know yet... 

So I did what I did every year in January, set some resolutions & plans for the "Best-Year-Yet

My goals this year were to:

1. GOAL: Grow My Business 
2. GOAL: Get Uncomfortable   
3. GOAL: Make New Friends 
4. GOAL: Health & Happiness #1    
5. GOAL: Learn New Skills    

Pre-COVID these would seem like pretty 'achievable' goals... I mean, I definitely had plans to push my comfort zone this year but I wasn't prepared for the kind of comfort-zone-pushing that COVID was going to challenge me to do. 

My Top 5 Tips On How To STILL Achieve Your Goals During COVID:

1. Have a SOLUTION for every problem. Read that again. 

2. "Be ready, so you don't have to get ready" is one of my favourite quotes! You can use it in so many contexts but the way I think of it is: invest in your personal development & growth mentally and physically daily so that when shit hits the fan you're ready to handle it with calmness, clarity & action. The personal development you do for yourself everyday is like adding pieces of armor to yourself one day at a time so that when you're called to battle your dressed & ready to go!

3.Consistency over intensity. I learned this lovely saying when attending Rachel Hollis' RISE conference earlier this year (actually, it happened just one week before they shut the entire word down for COVID). I'll write an entire blog dedicated to this conference later, because it was LIFE-CHANGING. Basically, doing something everyday no matter how long or how intense creates the habit. In terms of fitness let's say you start off with a 15 minute walk every day. Doing the 15 minute walk everyday creates the habit of daily fitness. Once this habit is created & you're committed to it, you can start challenging yourself & upping the intensity (slooooowly) to maybe 20 or 30 minutes. The wrong thing to do is start off with extreme intensity like trying to go for a 5 mile run when you haven't moved your body in 5 years. It will feel hard, awful & like you can't do it. You won't be able to gain the necessary traction & momentum to stick with the new habit if you go for intensity off the hop.

4. Remember the reason WHY you started. Don't forget the reason why you set the goals in the first place! Giving up on them now is not getting you any closer to achieving them. If it seems overwhelming, break your goals down into smaller more achievable steps & adjust your approach to getting there. The worst thing you can do is give up completely. Do not allow quitting to be even be an option! Think of how fast a week, month or year goes by, do you really want to be in the exact same position you're in now next year? Or do you want to be glad you started when you did so you can enjoy the results & progress you've made by then?

5. Call BS On Yourself. I am a firm believer of just being straight up and calling BS on yourself. Stop candy-coating the truth with excuses & start being more honest with yourself. The words you speak and vocabulary you use matter. That's where achieving goals begins & it creates a cycle. You'll either get stuck in the "Excuse Loop" as I like to call it or you'll be stuck in the "Honest Truth Loop". You'll want to be in latter. 

The reason you're not achieving your goals is because you're telling yourself excuses instead of the honest truth. When that happens, you just stay in this constant loop of contentment where your words or 'excuses' are creating 'feelings' of comfort.

Excuses are created when you blame other people & external forces for your lack of action/motivation to move towards your goal. Start replacing those excuses with the honest cold-hard truth. It's going to make you feel different & chances are it might make you feel bad, angry or upset. Feeling those negative emotions is much better than feeling a false-sense of contentment. 

Sure, by using excuses & candy-coating the truth you might feel better in the short term but long term when reality sets in and another year goes by without achieving your goals, you'll feel MUCH worse. Let's take a look at some common excuses & how you can replace them with the cold hard truth & the feelings that go along with these statements.

Replace the EXCUSE with the HONEST TRUTH

The goal is: I want to workout, eat healthy & take my health seriously.
The excuse is: "Because of COVID I can't work out, my gym is closed & I am eating comfort foods because this is a stressful time & everyone else is eating like crap too." 
How You feel when you tell yourself this excuse: You push the blame on external situations (COVID and the gym being closed) along with convincing yourself that everyone else is eating like crap too. It feels much more comforting & satisfying telling yourself you can't do these things because of these excuses. You don't feel bad because your passing the blame instead of taking responsibility. You feel like the victim, because if it weren't for COVID you could totally go to the gym & wouldn't ever feel the need to eat comfort food. Except, remember before COVID when you couldn't go to the gym because you were "too tired" and you were eating comfort food because work was stressful? You can literally justify anything you want in any situation to make you temporarily feel better...But what's the REAL goal? 

Now let's just replace the EXCUSE with the HONEST TRUTH because you owe it to yourself to be honest & forthcoming:

The goal is:  I want to workout, eat healthy & take my health seriously.
The honest truth is: "I don't want to work out because I don't take my health & wellbeing serious enough to make it a priority. Living a long healthy & exceptional life full of energy & wellness is not important to me. I don't really care if I'm around in 20 years. If I am still around, it's totally fine if I'm suffering daily from chronic pain & illness."

How You feel when you tell yourself the honest truth: Ouch. It really hurts when you put it that way. You don't feel good when you talk to yourself like that. But you know what? Honesty is the best policy & the negative feelings you feel when you're honest with yourself is the fuel you'll need to spark the motivation for a major change in your life.
Other people or external events do not get to dictate whether or not you achieve your goals, you just need to be flexible & creative in your approach. It's true you're not in control of COVID happening, or how long it continues or the rules we're forced to follow, but you're in FULL control of the following:

1. Your intensity & effort levels.
2. Sticking to the Honest Truth instead of the Excuses.
3. Your attitude & beliefs.
4. Your actions. 

Nothing & no one can get in the way of those 4 facts. 

When it comes to your goals, there will ALWAYS be an excuse & there will ALWAYS be the HONEST TRUTH behind that excuse. You decide which side of that story you're going to tell yourself & that will determine the results you get (or don't get). 

Here's specific actions I've taken to ensure all my goals get hit regardless of the COVID curve-ball this year & the actions I took were all super challenging for me:  

1. GOAL: Grow My Business
(During uncertain times, you can imagine how tough it is to make big financial & business decisions when you don't even know what's going to happen next)
-Opened my 3rd store location in Woodstock
-Expanded the regions we deliver to
-Bought 3 more delivery vans to be able to keep up with our delivery expansion
-Hired more staff to keep up with growth & production ( we have 16 staff plus me & Chad) 
-Currently in the progress of obtaining a new baking facility in London so we can expand & open more stores in the future

2. GOAL: Get Uncomfortable 
(As a very introverted person the following were really big steps for me)  
-Attended 3-day RISE Women's Conference by myself in Toronto
-Joined a networking group of the most amazing ladies that meets once a month to discuss life & business

3. GOAL: Make New Friends 
-I've made more new friends this year than in the last 10 years combined & am so grateful to have them in my life
-Always open to coffee dates with new people

4. GOAL: Health & Happiness #1    
-I'm on my health journey and have lost 45lbs already (yay!)
-Sticking to a specific diet (keto) that allows me to have lots of energy and feel great 
-Signed up for personal training session at my gym
-Play tennis & walk/be active every single day 

5. GOAL: Learn New Skills
-I've read over 20 business & wellness books already this year & counting
-Watched both RISE VIRTUAL conferences on Courage & Health
-Watched Tony Robbins virtual conference
-Currently watching Grant Cardone's virtual conference
-Have signed up for Tai Lopez's virtual conference (will be watching soon)
-Have signed up for The Atelier Collective virtual conference (it's in November- you can still sign up!)
-Attending a 'mindfulness workshop' this weekend (yay!)

So here's to you achieving all your goals & dreams! I'm totally cheering you on & if I can help you at all or offer any further tips, just reach out to me! You GO-AL Girl!

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    • Good for you for setting goals and pushing through Im sure it wasnt easy for you either going though this with a business

      Would love to connect with you!

      Brenda Neufield
    • To be honest I’m one of those people who let this year totally go so thank you for the reminder to keep going and get back on track

      You said it perfectly that the only one in control is yourself and everything else is excuses. Also i follow you on instagram and you are such an inspiration thank you for sharing your life with me and all your followers

    • Great blog, totally sharing it with my network group they will love the tips & practical advice.

      Keep up the awesome posts!!

    • This blog is so awesome, I’ve already shared it with my girlfriends. Thanks for the reminders and very specific tips on how to goal plan & actually stick to your goals. The hardest part is sticking to them and you set such an awesome example of that so thank you

      Jordin Stuart

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