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With Rebecca Hamilton

{Owner & Designer At Chick Boss Cake}


Hi Friends, I'm Rebecca Hamilton!

I started my business Chick Boss Cake 8 years ago when I was 23 years old as a home baker & hobby cake decorator. As my passion grew, so did my business and it came time to make that gut wrenching decision... You know the one- the decision to either quit my job as a women support worker at the local shelter  & take this business seriously...or not. 

I opened the doors to my first  St Thomas shop in 2015. Four years later, my second London location opened, and here we are today!

I am 31 years old,  completely self taught both in business & in cake decorating. School was never my jam, but i respect it if its yours!


I've traveled the world & bought my dream home last year {Which is a pretty big deal for me because the struggle was real when I moved out at 16}.

Dog mom of two. Shark lover. Disney obsessed.

I love all things colorful, sparkly & unique.

I am very much introverted & a true empath in every sense.

I believe the universe/god/creator has the power to change your life if you follow your passion & be your true authentic self. 

I believe in kindness & that there is unlimited abundance for everyone. I don't feel in competition with anyone but myself & I want you to feel that way too!

I am ready to help you achieve your dreams, just the way I did!

Whether you're a home baker trying to get off the ground,


An established business wanting to work smarter not harder,


A stay at home mom, who just wants to know how to decorate like a pro for a pinterest-worthy party and save some money!


 Whomever you are, Whatever stage you're at I want to show you how i achieved so much, so early on!

As Shania would say, Lets Go Girls! {and guys too because #equality}

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