Please Note: We are not a wheat/dairy free facility and our dairy/gluten free products may come in contact with wheat and/or dairy products.

Dairy & Gluten Free Pricing


Our gluten free, dairy free or vegan cakes can be made in any of our "Cakes to Go" design with a few days notice (+$15.00 charge applies). We also can do our custom decorated cakes that start at $110.00 for a two tier (+30.00 charge applies). You can order by phone or e-mail!

Dairy or gluten free cupcakes $39.00 (+tax)/per dozen. 


Our customizable fondant cupcakes start at $5.00 each. A minimum order of 12 cupcakes is required per order.

Dairy Free & Gluten Free

At Chick Boss Cake we are proud to be able to provide delicious gourmet dairy & Gluten free cakes & cupcakes! Below is a list of our flavours, which are freshly baked to order with the finest ingredients. You shouldn't have to sacrifice design & detail because of your dietary requirements! Our dairy and gluten free cakes can be completely customized in the design and colours of your choice, because you should be able to have your cake & eat it too!

Chocolate Based


Chocolate cake with vanilla icing.

Double Chocolate
Chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

Creme de menth
Chocolate cake with mint icing.


Chocolate Peanut Butter

Chocolate cake with peanut butter icing


Vanilla Based


Vanilla cake with vanilla icing.

Vanilla Latte
Vanilla cake with lattee flavoured icing

Vanilla Raspberry

Vanilla cake with raspberry icing


Strawberry Vanilla

Vanilla cake with strawberry icing

Chick Boss Cake


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