How far in advance should I book my cake?
You should book your cake as soon as you know what date you will need it for! We only require a 50% non-refundable deposit upon booking. Once you book your cake & your deposit is received, your date is guaranteed! The sooner the better, as some dates book up quite far in advance. 


Is there a minimum order to book with you?

Yes, since we are a custom bakery and everything is baked fresh to order we do have minimum requirements for orders. Our minimum requirements vary depending on the product, however they are listed under "pricing & infomation". Our custom cakes have a minimum of 22 servings, which is a two tier 6 inch+ 8 inch cake. If you would like a smaller basic cake we encourage you to order from our fabulous Cakes to Go Collection. Our cupcakes have a minimum order of 6 cupcakes. 

I tried to book a cake with Chick Boss Cake, and you were booked? 
Unfortunately some dates book up farther in advance than others ( weekends, holidays and wedding season: May through October). As much as we would love to be able to accommodate all orders, quality is our number one priority! It is most important to us that we provide each customer with quality products. If we took too many orders for one day, we feel this would compromise the quality of our products. This is why it is important to book in advance, and place a 50% deposit on your date. We always strive for quality over quantity & feel this is in the best interest of all our customers!

How many cakes can you book in one day?
This depends entirely on the types/sizes of orders we have booked for that day. We can accommodate quite a few cupcake/ cookie orders for one day. However, due to the elaborate nature of our cakes, we can only accommodate so many cake orders for one day! This depends on the designs & sizes of cakes. Our baker determines how many cakes can  be handled for one particular day and the numbers may vary.

Are you able to accommodate any last minute orders?
While we recommend you book your cake in advance, we certainly encourage you to inquire if you would like a last minute cake! If we are not booked we would be more than happy to accommodate you! It never hurts to ask.

Why are your cakes so expensive? 
Our cakes are priced very competitively for the London & St. Thomas area. The reason why fondant cakes in general are more expensive, is mainly due to the amount of time spent on them. Our fondant cakes are always hand decorated & take hours to perfect & complete. We take the time to focus on the details to ensure your cake turns out spectacular! 

Can I order a styrofoam cake to save money?
People often assume that by adding styrofoam to their cake, it will lessen the cost significantly. Since the prices of our cakes are determined mainly on design, we do not offer discounts on styrofoam tiers. Styrofoam layers can be a great way to add height to your wedding cake & sometimes a styrofoam tier may be needed for a specific design however, it is priced the same as cake.

Do you make mini cakes?
Mini cakes are very trendy right now in replacement of (or addition to) wedding cakes & can also make adorable favours for your guests! Mini cakes often take much more time & detail than a regular size wedding cake and therefore are more expensive then a traditional wedding cake. Please inquire within about sizes and pricing for these adorable treats!

I don't like fondant, what would you recommend?
Not everyone likes fondant & that's o.k! We primarily specialize in making fondant cakes, however we can make select simple designs in buttercream if you prefer. Fondant allows for an elegant smooth finish on the cakes, as well as it allows for much more creative/fun designs. Fortunately, we still ice the entire cake with buttercream before covering it in fondant, so if you love the look of fondant but not the taste then you can simply peel the fondant off.  Cupcakes also make a great alternative to cake!

Do you offer refunds?
We are confident you will love all of our products as much as we do! That is why we have a 100% money back guarantee on all non-custom orders (this includes any in-store cupcakes/cakes/cookies/treats and all our cake to go collection cakes). We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee with our custom products. This means if you are not satisfied with your custom order we will do everything possible to make it right! We do not offer money back on custom orders due to the amount of time spent per order & due to the custom nature of the products. Customer service is everything to us at Chick Boss Cake! If there is any problem with your order we will do our best to fix it in a timely manner for you, please contact us right away!

I live in London but am planning on taking my cake to an out of town event!
We do not recommend transporting the cake yourself. We offer delivery almost anywhere in Ontario for a reasonable fee. That being said, if you are still planning on travelling with your cake, please take proper precautions. Chick Boss Cake is not responsible for the cake after it has been delivered, and the cake is yours to do whatever you like with. 

Do you allow me to pick up my cake instead of delivery?
Delivery is strongly recommended to ensure the safe arrival of your cake. We allow you to pick up your cake from our store within regular business hours however, please keep in mind we will not be responsible for any damages that may occur. We will require the person picking up their cake to sign for it upon departure and they will then assume all responsiblitiy for the cake. Our delivery fee is very reasonable and we can deliver almost anywhere in Ontario. 

Why are wedding cakes more expensive?
Some places like to charge extra for wedding cakes. At Chick Boss Cake, our wedding cakes are priced the same as any of our other fondant cakes, after all, a cake is a cake is a cake. Right? Also, wedding cakes can easily seem more expensive than a celebration cake simply based on the amount of servings. For example, our basic cake covered in plain white fondant is $3.50 per serving. So, if you have a birthday party and order a plain white fondant cake that serves 14 people it would be $49.00. Now, if you order the same plain white fondant cake for your wedding that serves 250 people it would be $875.00. Therefore, it is the same price per serving, and the more guests you have, the more cake you will need! 

Do you offer wedding cake tastings?
We now have a private tasting bridal suite open for consultations!! Please call to book. Our tastings are free if you place your wedding deposit at the time of the tasting otherwise the fee is $40.00 per couple. If you are unable to place your deposit at the time of the consultation you will be charged the regular $40.00 fee and we will deduct it from your order once you book with us!

I want to order a special cake for someone but have no idea what I want it to look like!
At Chick Boss Cake we specialize in creating custom cakes for all occasions! Our baker is very creative & she loves to create original designs. Simply provide some colors, themes, pictures or hobbies that the person is interested in and let us do the work! 

I am having a huge party on a budget...Help?
If you are on a tight budget but are still looking for a fun & fabulous cake, you are not out of luck! We would recommend ordering a smaller cake with the design you like & adding our Classic Cupcakes to fulfill the remainder of your servings. Our classic cupcakes are only $33.90/dozen and can be decorated in the same colours to match your cake! Alternatively, cupcakes alone can make an affordable yet elegant statement at your event and we have a gorgeous cupcake stand we can rent & set up for you!

Do you have questions for us? Contact us and we would be happy to answer them for you! 

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