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I am SO glad you're here! This is where you'll find out all my secrets to success & living a happier, healthier life. You'll find my best tips & tricks and the techniques that have allowed me to create & run a {very} successful business!

My Rachel Hollis RISE Experience... Was It Worth It?
Listen, I am a huge Rachel Hollis fan... I love her books. I love her podcasts. I love her videos....
My Top 5 Tips On How To STILL Achieve Your Goals During COVID
  Throw back to this past January 23, 2020... My 32nd birthday. Pre-COVID (ish).  Completely naive to the fact that anything like COVID...
How to figure out what the heck to charge!
By: Rebecca Hamilton Owner Of Chick Boss CakeI get tons of questions everyday via Instagram and e-mail about myself, my...
Take Better Pictures & Build Your Portfolio Like A Pro!
By: Rebecca Hamilton Owner Of Chick Boss CakeWhatever stage your at with your cake business… Please. Stop. Stop taking pictures...
6 Things I Wish I Knew Starting Out With My Business
By: Rebecca Hamilton Owner Of Chick Boss CakeAllow me to save you the time & headache by sharing my top...
How I Visualized & Manifested My Way Here
By: Rebecca Hamilton Owner Of Chick Boss Cake“Remember when you prayed for the things you have now” A quote has never...
My Top 10 Tips For Dealing With Difficult Customers
By Rebecca Hamilton Owner Of Chick Boss CakeSo you pour your heart & soul into your work and you’re super...
Whatever Your Business... Don’t Do It Without A Deposit!
By: Rebecca Hamilton Owner Of Chick Boss CakeWhether you’re in the cake business, craft business or any creative custom product...
Business Essentials: My Top 8 Life & Business Values
By: Rebecca Hamilton, Owner Of Chick Boss Cake These are my top 8 values that I’ve found to be essential...
Marketing: Why Price Doesn’t Matter & What Actually Does!
By: Rebecca Hamilton, Owner Of Chick Boss CakeEver wonder why the heck your BFF spends all her money on the...
On Your Way To Success: 4 Ways To Get Out Of Your Own Head
By: Rebecca Hamilton, Owner Of Chick Boss Cake 1. Stop Hating On Your Competition I mean it. This goes for...

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    I started my business Chick Boss Cake 8 years ago when I was 23 years old as a home baker & hobby cake decorator. As my passion grew, so did my business and it came time to make that gut wrenching decision... You know the one- the decision to either quit my job as a women support worker at the local shelter & take this business seriously...or not. ​Here's some fun facts about me:

    ✓ I opened the doors to my first  St Thomas shop in 2015. Four years later, my second London location opened, and recently in 2020 have opened my third Woodstock location & here we are today!

    ✓ I am 32 years old,  completely self taught both in business & in cake decorating. School was never my jam, but I respect it if its yours!

    ✓ I've traveled the world & bought my dream home 2 years ago {Which is a pretty big deal for me because the struggle was real when I moved out at 16}.

    Wife & Dog mom of two. Shark lover. Disney obsessed.

      I love all things colorful, sparkly & unique.

      I am very much introverted & a true empath in every sense.

    I believe the universe/god/creator has the power to change your life if you follow your passion & be your true authentic self. 

      I believe in kindness & that there is unlimited abundance for everyone. I don't feel in competition with anyone but myself & I want you to feel that way too!

    ✓ I am ready to help you achieve your dreams, just the way I did!

    Whether you're a home baker trying to get off the ground, An established business wanting to work smarter not harder, A stay at home mom, who just wants to know how to decorate like a pro for a pinterest-worthy party and save some money! Whomever you are, Whatever stage you're at I want to show you how I achieved so much, so early on! 

    As Shania would say, Lets Go Girls! {and guys too because #equality}

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