Keep Calm & Plan On!

November 24, 2015

Keep Calm & Plan On!

(but I can't really keep calm)


Last year I jumped on the planner band wagon and it was my first full year using one! These aren't your average plain old planners... oh no! These are top of the line BEAUTIFUL planners that make you actually want to open your book every single day and PLAN


My Erin Condren planner was perfect for all my planning needs last year, but as my business kept growing, I now needed a planner with more space to write all my orders in. Her planners are great for students, start-up businesses, and general day-to-day planning. All my orders were not fitting into this planner, and so the search began...


And, the search continued... I mean, have you ever youtubed planner reviews? I don't recommend it unless you have endless time to spend, because you will become addicted to these videos. It is unbelievable HOW MANY type of planners are out there. I mean, it's wonderful- but it makes deciding REALLY hard.


Finally, I came across The Purposeful Planner by Corie Clark. It was basically love at first sight. I mean, the interior leopard print did me in! It was larger than the average planner, GORGEOUS, and set up with everything I need (and then some). My only set back was they don't offer customization (but see how I PERFECTLY customized mine below). Once I figured out a way to add my name to the front of this planner, that was it. Then, it was a painfully long wait until the 'pre-sale' of these, and then another wait until the shipment went out (it wasn't really THAT long I was just really excited).

I opted for the daily format planner, since I have a lot of things to do everyday with my business. They come in both daily and weekly format. Daily means you get one full page each day to plan our your whole day.




First of all, the packaging of this planner is ON point! It comes in this beautiful striped gift box with gold foil accents. I also ordered her book called The Simplicity Project (which she sells on her website I will link below) and the sparkley stretchy bands. Packaging is everything when your target market is female. 



Below are some pictures of how the planner is laid out and some of my favourite features: 


Daily Pages:

I LOVE the quotes each day & the 12 minute tasks. The layout of the daily pages is fantastic! The water consumption bubbles are awesome to keep track of water intake, you'd be suprised at how staying hydrated helps your energy level.

Monthly Calendar View: 

The monthly boxes are a great size and they also have a quote at the top of each month. I REALLY like the 2 calendar views of the month before and the month after on the left side. The font is perfect too!

 Full Month's Budget & Menu:

So, I probably wont use the budget category too much (but it is a SUPER great layout if you will use it). The menu planning page on the other hand, well I'm ALL over that one! I LOVE cooking & pre planning menus, it saves so much time & when you plan your meals, you tend to eat much healthier. 

 Master Task List & Dreams & Goals Page:

I don't know anyone who can't use a master task list for the month? I LOVE this!! It is a great way to organize your cleaning & housekeeping making sure things actually get done. The monthly dreams & goals are great reminders to keep you on track. Let's be real, how many January's do you set a goal/resolution and break it? By breaking down your goals/dreams to monthly pages, it allows you to make much more attainable, acheivable goals. Plus, next year you can look back on all the things you ACTUALLY accomplished! 

 Now, to how I actually personalized my planner. I didn't want to ruin my planner with some cheap tacky 'letter' stickers, so I went and found an etsy seller who does BEAUITUFL gold foil-looking vinyl stickers. It was SO easy to apply to the planner and the quality of the sticker feels & looks IN-CREDIBLE. I could not be happier with how it turned out. The sticker is VERY metallic and shines the same as the gold foil on the actually planner itself. It would be a great idea if Corie Clark partnered with this seller or made her own personalized high quality stickers to order in addition to the planners. Let me tell you- they would sell. For now, I will link the etsy seller below as well so you know where I got mine from!


 So, there it is! My 2016 Corie Clark Purposeful Planner, customized just the way I like it! 2016 is already booking up for wedding cakes so now I can start marking them in my planner. I am thrilled with everything about this planner. From the feel of the pages to the elegant & professional appearance- It is perfect! If you have any questions or comments please let me know! 


Corie Clark Purposeful Planner:  

Stickers by Stephanie:




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