A Very "Sweet" Proposal <3

March 26, 2016



Today was Good Friday and normally we would be closed on such a holiday... but not this time! Something very special was planned for today and it just so happened we were going to be a part of it! 


About 2 weeks ago a {very} excited gentleman came into my store. He was over the moon about something...something very important as I was about to find out! He said he was going to be proposing to his girlfriend and wanted a proposal themed cake. Not the average every day cake requests we get! Then he went on to say he wanted to do the proposal IN our store....Needless to say I reached his level of excitment in a hurry. 


He began to describe this cake he envisioned and wanted it to say "Amela Will You Marry Me" right on the front of the cake, as well as a fondant figure of him down on one knee with a ring in his hand on top". He clearly put some serious thought into this and it was so darn cute! 


Then we discussed how he wanted to do the actual proposal part. His plan was to come into the store after a romantic afternoon, and ask if we had any chocolate cake ready to buy. My part was to act as if I'd never met him before and pretend like I was grabbing a plain ol' chocolate cake from the back (but really it was his proposal cake). 


Flash forward to today, March 25th 2016- Good Friday. I knew they were coming in... I just didn't know when. So every time a couple walked through the door I got a little nervous. I was so excited and nervous all day in anticipation. Partly because I wanted to make sure I got a video of it and also because I really really realllllllly hoped she'd say YES!


It was such a busy day at the store today and I wasn't sure if there was going to be other people getting to witness this special moment or just me. It was about 4:30pm when I heard them come in. I hit record on my phone and tossed it in my apron pocket so it didn't look 'suspicious'. I'll let you see for yourself how the ACTUAL proposal played out, click the video below, (and it is PRICELESS).





So there you have it. What an incredibly creative and thoughtful proposal idea! This has to be my favourite cake I've ever made & most memorable moment at our store. Wish you and your beautiful fiancee a wonderful & happy engagement, thank you for letting me be a witness to such a beautiful moment!








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